Thinking of blogging in Google Blogger platform

I am thinking of blogging again, but not in the wordpress, but on the more simple to maintain Google Blogger platform instead.

For me, just a channel to expression and outreach, some things that simple to maintain and no need to worry much and single sign on will be time saver.

As daily google services user, it much easy for access blogger and just type and share, rather than login from another system.

In that perspective, i am really like Google platform and ecosystem they already created. From gmail to google photo, serious office document with google app, secure intranet website and group wiki in google site, reading in google play book, navigation with google map, and why not blog direct with the blogger services?

In the end of the day, just blog, I look for quick and easy access mean and solution that save time. Direct call out photo from google photo and share in blog article, or even blogging on the go, that all is possible.

Despite for the effort being use for the photo blog (run on wordpress), i think it may be a good idea worth to reconsider blog on Google backed Blogger instead. Single vendor integrated with all the web services.

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