Batu Caves | Kuala Lumpur

This is my third visit to Batu Caves. Second round when I go with girl friend 20 years ago, and first round while I am still on the kid age.

From time to time, will saw travel photography feature Batu Caves, mainly the giant size sculpture to serve as the landmark photo.

I decide to make my trip this round, mainly from the travel photography perspective, snapshot what I will encounter along the way.

First, I saw the giant size sculpture, where last two round have yet built it up yet. Lot of people along the way, maybe due to today as Hari Raya public holidays. I climb up and down the long stair, and this round maybe due to age, I spend more time on the interior of the caves, rather on the outside interior.

Once enter into the center and depth part of the caves, will saw the natural light from the skyline direct enter into caves, once saw the scene, I can imagine why the place being select from the past as the holy site.

Monkey, as usual, lot of monkey will encounter along the stair.

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