Hill Tribes Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Take with hill tribes village people.

Hill Tribes Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand visited and take with local people. The person sit next to be all from long neck hill tribe.

The village of this hill tribe, which migrated from Myanmar (Burma) and retains its cultural traditions and customs, including the brass rings the women wear around their necks as a sign of tribal and individual identity.

From the trip I saw their unique crafts, including beautifully woven textiles. Will saw mainly local women and kids in the village, just wondering where the man was going?

The visit to the village required to paid entrance fee, and along the way will saw lot of hill tribe girl and women setup the retail booth, attempt to sell their local craft to tourist who visit the village.

After thought, it "human zoo", for keeping those female who are still in practice long neck and by selling the entrance fee. Maybe that is how the extinction will be if not proper preserve the tradition of the hill tribe will be in the future.

Last checked 2020-May-3

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