Handicraft Center | Chiang Mai

Me take the "umbrella", the 3d wall painting.

Even before exploring Chiang Mai, based on the travel photo inspiration, I always wanted to visit and shoot handicraft centers that make umbrellas.

This round of Chiang Mai visit, has a stop at a handicraft center. Saw the way how they are making it, and liked the detail of it. Like the natural color presentment as well.

Some pick photos during the visit.

My kid takes the "umbrella".

Beautiful colors just blend well.

Another nice color scene takes place at the handicraft center.

The detail of the umbrella, see the architecture.

Beautiful color and detail deco on the umbrella.

Red umbrella, another nice color match.

Actually beside those beautiful handicrafts that leave me a good impression, the hand that made them is giving me lasting memories. It is the hand that makes the artist present on the handicraft umbrella that counts.

The artist hand micro shoot while he making handicraft umbrella

Last checked 2020-Apr-29

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