Phone camera for travel photography

I am like travel. Within a year, I travel lot of destination.

With the advanced of the phone and higher camera resolution with it, the question is whether it make travel photography sense of it?

I am long term iphone users, keep change from 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 (yes, plus all the iPad series, and Mac Book Pro). And I stop for the Iphone 6. Mainly due to the time, Android phone is provide technical higher spec. Like the one I right now using, Sony Xperia Z3, underwater proof and come with 18M camera resolution.

I used to travel and mainly make use of DSLR camera for the various travel photography needs (from this recent few years). But sometime, it is just too intrusive for using DSLR with the long lens for surrounded people.

At the time z3 is launch, the water proof and 18M camera len resolutions is impressive and catch my eye.

Below is some real life sample I take on various travel scenario, you can see how the sample go. I have make it 2048x 300dpi, the current Google Plus supported resolution.

I am not make video, so the 4k video I have not comment. I can comment based on the travel photography.

Himeji Castle, Chugoku, Japan. Hand held shoot from the camera.

Yufuin, Kyushu, Japan. Hand held shot from the camera.

Osaka cityscape, Kansai, Japan. Hand held, close to Windows and shot out from the hotel.

Sunway Shopping Mall, Sunway, Malaysia. Hand held shot from the camera.

IOI Shopping Mall, Puchong, Malaysia. Moving horse, hand held shot from the camera.

Tree under hot sun as background. Hand held shot from the camera. At Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

For the low light and night photography. I am more comfortable for shoot with DSLR to control noise and with use of tripod.

But based on handy size of phone camera, I think for the general travel point and shot, it served the purpose. But want to shot great landscape that required raw file, lens and filter support, camera phone is not yet reach that level.

For travel photography lover like me, DSLR camera with the right lens despite more heavy, but served the purpose for perfection moment shoot. It life span will continue.

Feel free to comment and express your opinion.

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