Tama cat train – the cutest train in the world

Kishi Station (貴志駅 Kishi-eki), Wakayama. Tama Densha - the cutest train in the world.


Kishi Station, Kinokawa, 30 minutes from central Wakayama City. This is not the usual travel place, since the attraction is actually a cat, named Tama, cute stationmaster at Kishi Station. Now the station has been completely renovated and has become a cat shape like building, houses a Tama-themed cafe, as well as a souvenir shop with items ranging from the usual array of pens, staplers and other supplies to Kishi Station uniforms.

Need to take a 14-kilometer train ride from Wakayama City to Kishi Station in the outskirts of the city.

After visiting Mountain Koyasan from the early morning to late afternoon, we decide to go further south to Wakayama city, and from here to take the famous Tama cat train.

Spend some time on an exchange train where in the middle required to take a bus before can reach the right station where the cat train will be served.

Once you are in the right station, it is hard to get wrong further, since there are too many leading signposts along the way to the cat train ticket counter.

Since the time we reached and booked the train ticket, the Tama cat stationmaster was already off duty (it work till 4pm only), Kishi Station, we decided for the round trip for cat train ride too, for travel journey and experience.

Cat train finally arrived.

On the cat train ride.

The train is fully deco with the Tama cat cute theme.

While the time reaches over the end station Kishi Station, the cafe is closed too. It is the end of Autumn time, the sky is falling dark very quickly. Since the purpose came over here is not really intent to explore the town, so we are waiting for the train to come back and end the cat train journey.

Despite not meeting the cute cat stationmaster, the trip was fulfilling.

Connected back from Wakayama city back to Osaka.

A photo taken while saw a kid fall asleep due to a long day of travel. From Osaka - Mt. Koyasan - Wakayama - Osaka.

Last checked 2020-May-3

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