New York

I am being long absence for make active blog post.

I spend more time on the social media, particular instagram as the mean to make post instead during the period of time. A photo will few text make the post, save lot of time.

Like diary, the blog require active maintain to serve the purpose to reach out for expression of thought.

Reccent got some photography thoughts as take more photos. Along the year, I really traveling and without really stop down and watch back what am I really shot along the journey.

Like the photo pick for this post, "New York". It take from the Empire State Building, with the beautiful lighting, and have a nice view over the New York city. One of my recent favor cityscape photo.

Now day I am less like to shot photo for too clear and noise less, where it is too digital photography. Instead, I now day prefer more analog feel and with grains.

I think for those who like to travel will eventually pick up photography, since it is very logic intent to snapshot the travel scene, moment and event as lifetime memories. Me too, if you ask me, travel first or photography first, I will be traveller, along the journey pick up as travel photographer.

With now day everyone can fly, distance is no more a issue. Look forward for the next travel journey to take place, and explore the world.

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