Nagasaki Night

Tonight stay at Nagasaki, located at Kyushu island of Japan.

Have the opportunity have a walk at Nagasaki Bay no too far from where I stay at the nearby.

See the photo I take near the Nagasaki Bay.

I personally seldom take night shot due to I am not really the one hanging at night. Particular when you are traveling oversea, at the place and city you are not too familiar about.

Anyhow, due to the distance, I think less than 15 minutes walking distance, I am able to reach the bay. So from the walk, I pick up the photo as the blog photo.

I am visualized person, I like to show or visualize rather than explain or descriptive in nature. That is why, as the travel lover, I pick up travel photography, rather than travel literature as my sub hobby, and hope you enjoy it too. Usually, as the traveller keep traveling and never stop, I think the skill set of travel photography is no too hard to master along the way, since it is second nature. Off course, the main interest is travel around the world, and travel photography as complementary in nature.

I am blogging as the mean for personal expression beside thru the travel photography, hope you like it.

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