Kid Portrait

Kid portrait, while taking along the year, and now look back the photo, will notice capture the happy and nice moment for kid during travel and share family activities.

Photo help to freeze the moment and can travel back on the time, and look back for the photo and get me back to the moment.

The photo is take during ice fishing, stay at Volga Manor Russian theme resort. Winter -30c temperature.  When still have the sun, can still feel some warm, but once the sun is down, it can not stay long outdoor, it is just too cold. Anyhow, a fun family trip at Northeast China, or local called it Dongbei region, for various extreme winter time activities, include the famous ice lantern festival.  

More nice kid portrait below.
Look cool and it work as nice pair of photo with the next one.

Happy and smile face, facing the camera, nice lighting and expression captured where now become travel memories.

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