Sakura cherry tree

Sakura Cherry Tree snapshot while at Japan Honshu trip

From the trip due to under Sakura season, can see the beautiful sakura in almost the place we travel, from Kansai to Chubu, then Kanto region.

Being sometime no engage in the blogging, and it seem at the blink of time I finish North East China on January, Island of Gods - Bali at March and the coming The Balkans and The Adriatic at May, and Hokkaido Japan again but this round for Lavendar season.

Nice photo capture, event experience, people meet and foods taste all contribute for the travel experience enrich my life.

Recently fall love to travel follow season, particular for experience nature beauty, even explore the place travel before but for different angle and experience or perspective.

I think for those people like travel will be non stopping and keep going. The more place travel and more I realize the world is beautiful and can offer so many unique experience for us to explore and keep learning.

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