Angel wings

Happy New Year. I am being really long absence for the blog update. In the progress narrow down the online time, by go thru the 'get more from less' exercise, and now have more time on selective channel.

The photo is one of my December photo, I personally like the wings scene and one of my favor shot during then.

It seem more and more online and social media available, and I found out that 'cut off' my time from the internet is really useful, it help me to gain more time to think and focus on 'off-line' life matters.

Thinking back, couples year ago without social media such as Facebook, Google+ and the rest, I am had more time on the quality reading. Despite this few years I have engage in the extensive world traveling, I am still found that quality reading and private hobby time is really enjoyable then online time.

Now review back, 2013 really a year of extensive traveling, from Australia (East Coast), Japan, Singapore, Spain, Portugal, Singapore again, Turkey, Hong Kong, India, Australia (West Australia) and beach resorts (twice), traveling 12 times within 12 months time. It really tired, and it also bring in special travel exposure, I think that is what motivate those who keep traveling.

What else I look forward from the traveling? it really something I am need to ask myself.

How about you?

cross reference : 天使の翼 [in Japanese] | 天使的翅膀 [in Chinese]

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