Time saving and cost effective way to geotag or GPS all photo snapshot along the trip

I like to travel as existing friends and contacts are well aware. I think for most of the people who like to travel, share one thing in common, you guest what? ... photography. We want to "freeze" the scene and share it one way or another.

Well, I like photography, video may be useful for certain scenarios, but still photography is easy to get access to, despite I do video occasionally, but I make snapshots all the time while I travel. Nothing surprising, the more strange the environment and the more photos I will snapshot during the trip.

The world keeps changing, but i think most of the travelers like to share what they see and intend to share it with the someone they feel they want to share it with, whether the lover, family members and so on.

Based on my own experience I pass through, smartphones are good to be handy, just point and shoot like point and shoot cameras, but resolution is not on par with a DSLR. For a traveller like me, it will be a natural process. you will intend to have better image quality and more importantly "control" your photo in terms of light, speed and depth of field, and a DSLR will be the way to go. Some will like me go for the much heavier traditional DSLR and some will go for mirrorless and portable. The final output of the photo image is more or less the same, after you invested in your lens.

You may encounter one issue like me facing it earlier, the photo snapshot along the way is not geotag or GPS the location information in your photo.  Of course, you may use post imaging processing by geotag the location along the ways using location editor said come with iphoto, Aperture or LightRoom, but it will be time consuming processing, if you like me one year I take on average 30,000 photos during travel. Yes, I am from average 6 trips a year to almost 8 trips a year. It will be very time consuming, so I intend to share one time saving secret with you. If you are on the way to resolve a similar problem like me.

I make serious shots now day mainly on DSLR, no more point and shoot. One problem, hot shoes need to reserve for the flash gun, and can not equip add-on GPS equipment to geotag the photo snapshot during the travel trips. Some people will buy a built in DSLR with GPS, but as you know, not all the models in the market built in that feature.

gps4cam a handy geotag software use with iphone/Andriod
So, I finally resolved it by making use of a small handy software called gps4cam for use with the iphone I possess. When I start the trip, I turn on and create a new trip entry and start to capture the gps data along the way till the end of the trip. Then I end the program entry and it will want me to snapshot a code picture to use with the program to start geotag all the photos I make during the trip automatically. So far so good, it did geotag all the photos for me without my intervention, since it is used with the iphone I possess for recording the gps data and then record them to the photos along the gps track.

With this solution, I geotag photos automatically and just focus on organizing photos files and performing post photo processing and allow me to save the time on the geotag photos.

Since it works, I recommend it for those who have similar needs and requirements. Despite not using an Android phone, it works with that platform too. Hope the sharing solves your photography needs like me too.

Last checked 2020-Apr-25

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