Fall love in black and white photography

From the past I take some black and white photography, but not fall in love with it.

From the recent trip back from Hong Kong and Macau at Oct 2013. I bought back some black and white photography book by Japanese photographer, and from the works despite from the past still vivid and impressive. I think good work will be stand there against the time. Classic is classic, and black and white is particular challenging due to without color there to impress, and all need to base on light and shadow.

Will make an attempt to shot base on black and white along the coming shot.
The photo below is me walk on the street at Melbourne, nearby city hall and Chinatown. Snapshot by my wife and I make it black and white.

Chinatown, Melbourne, Australia.

Another shot of me while at the Hong Kong street.
Street Scene, Chong Wan, Hong Kong.

Below is my recent work "elderly" and "MRT Hong Kong" both snapshot at recent Hong Kong & Macau trip.

"Elderly" snapshot nearby Kowloon Wan, Hong Kong.
"MRT" Hong Kong, during the the ride.

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