Fall back in love with music to enlight my life

Enjoy music. Photo pick from internet.

I like music, all kind of easy listening music or song, today I really slow down and plug in earphone and enjoy my music library back.

The whole world is like different, I think like it or not, music, photography and reading become my top hobby list activities.

The world move to internet and connect or socalled online, really make lot of changes for most of people, it make global village a reality. I can communicate across with so many people across in different culture and at the different countries.

I am be thank you in the living in the age of the online world, so I can express my thought so freely and make friend with so many aboard, that is impossible on the past.

At the time I write this, I in listen classic music, some is opera, despite I do not know what she or he sang, but the overall music influence is there.

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