Memories, why we take photo for

I am in the way archive photos, yes, archiving photo, as it reaching "monster" size, laptop and external hard drive is not the best place to keep them anymore. I am put them to network attached storage (NAS), centralize storage that can be connected and make use of them. One of the main reason, despite it is the most costly solution, but it allow practical unlimited storage by just add in additional hard drive to run as single aggregate storage. For this, it really sort one of the my photo storage pain point. In a year now days I can take around 3k photo per trip for 6 average a year, it is close to 18k photos. And now days I take DSLR, where the photo files is much large then before. I think those who have similar usage will know what I mean.

Along the progress archive photos, few photo pop up in my mind want to share. I think they are catching the essential for the reason we take photo for - the "sweet memories" we want to keep, whether it is professional shot with DSLR or just normal phone or point and shot camera, it catch my memories while I look into those photo. The sweet memories all come back. Here the sweet and warm feeling want to share since I spot them while in the way archive photos.

Father & Son, Heaven Lake Leisure Farm, round the Taiwan island trip, Taiwan, 2010 December
I saw it and immediate bring back my sweet memories. Off course, no DSLR, just normal point and shot scene. I think it capture and freezing the sweet memories for me and my son. This got to thank for my wife make the shot. Everyone, we as human being, we take photo for sharing, for freezing the particular moment that last for our whole life. Now saw back, kid if really growing very fast, I think that kind of complicate psychological emotion, will be know by those who as the father also, maybe for mother will be understood too. Kid second oversea trip.
Father & Son, Jeungdo, Jeollamdo, South Korea

Another nice photo bring my sweet memory back. It take at South Korea 3rd round trip, the photo take at a place call Jeungdo, a famous slow city in the world, at the Jeollam-do (southern region of South Korea, exclude Jeju Island), South Korea. Kid is enjoy the travel moment, same for me as well. Kid fourth oversea trip.

Mother  Son, Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong.
The scene now move to Hong Kong, at the place call Avenue of Stars. Like the pose in the unique angle. The trip mainly bring kid for the Disneyland theme park. Kid first oversea trip.

Please feel free to share your special life moment with me as well. I think this is right topic we can share. Everyone have some memories want to keep and share. It would be good with photo.

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