Kafka on the Shore (海辺のカフカ) by Haruki Murakami

I am in reading and half the way to finish entire reading.  Due to the busy life, I can not have the full time digest entire novel book, so got to do it one piece at a time before sleep.

I am not native Japanese speaker and reader, so I read Chinese translation version. So far, Haruki Murakami works, never fail me (really). This round of Nobel prize on literature if he can not get it, I will said it is more bias against Eastern. But base on the his works translate to so many countries edition, i think he make more money than most of so called Nobel prize winner. Like it or not, his works is really out of the class (to most of so called literature writer), i think those reader of his works know about what I mean.

For me, he change my life to re take the passion of reading back literature and get fall in love into it. Whether I am fans of his work? I will be one of it. In the matter of fact, I almost have full collection of his work in physical book form, except some of his works on the subject I know I am really can not squeeze extra time on those, since it is out from my circle of interest (particular on documentary works).

I think good work is good work, should be out form the culture bias,you like it or not, his work do fall in love by so many countries fan, even all the most is reading the translate version.

Someone share the news most likely he will get the Nobel prize (another round, but I am so worry due to again so popular be the winner of the prize again) because of the Kafka on the Shore, I will try to finish it so can share the moment of joy.

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