Turkey Travel

I think i have long absence from the blog writing. So, I decide to stop down and write one. Recently i like to think visually, so I write short blog like above, it is actually in one page format, I divide it into two.

It take from the recent travel to Turkey. The place is Salt Lake called Tuz Golu. Unique landscape, the lake turn to white and you can walk on top of the lake, since it turn to salt lake already.

This round of travel is family trip. My kid is enjoy the hot air balloon fly. It is consider a good travel journey and help me to remember Turkey. The trip partial help me complete my bigger Greek and Roman civilization understanding due to the fact that I am travel for lot of ancient ruin that consider well keep, compare with what I saw in Italy and Greece.

If anything I can remember on Turkey is Turkish Tea and Coffee. Turkish Coffee is really open eye, particular you take in full set, where start from lemon water, then Turkish coffee, follow with local strong wine and end with Turkey delight - sweet. For Turkish Tea, almost every stop I will take one just to get the feel. I think from travel so many place, this trip I take lot of Tea.

The time on Istanbul, beside Grand Bazaar and Spice Market, Cruise, time spent on historical district really make my memory, Blue Mosque, St. Sofia and Topkapi Palace in particular. Turkey have unique landscape from cotton castle (Pamukkale) to Cappadocia, both UNESCO, really reserved it.

I am plan to do the photo journal just like all the past trip, once I finish the almost finish Japan 2 book 3, and Australia Book 2. For those who interest in exactly where I travel in the photo journal format, you can see those on my Google+ album or Facebook album, both is actually sync or mirroring. Personally I like the photo present in Google+ the way they handle photo really much superior on the Facebook way, at least at the moment.

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