Aperture and Lightroom for photography

I am myself is use Aperture for sometime until the photo collections is grow too big for it to handle from built in database. I start encounter slow and corrupt issue, need to repair the database and so on. Couple of time is ok, but when the photo collections is grow too large, and it can not host as database over Network Attached Storage (NAS). I am start to look for solution to release me from the pain...

Till recently I start to store file in flat folder and files basis and just import "reference" link into the database to solve the storage issues. I am would like to said this way is actually work. The time spend on found out all the original photography works across different hard disk and media to build up centralize photography storage on NAS basis and it paid off now (currently with RAID 1 two hard disk mirror each other).

One day, sudden in my mind I think about how other is solve their photography storage problem and start to dig this issue and google it. One interesting found out is that most of people will be either make use of Aperture or Adobe Lightroom as the alternative solution. Off course, will have other more cost effective alternative as well, but I purposely compare Aperture and Lightroom, since I know how to use them.

For the storage, I have release my pain via the NAS manner, I start try to evaluate one more time on Lightroom, and now it on version 5. Aperture still on the version 3.x. For me, both is good product, once you get used to it, you know how to make it work for you. For me, after spend enough time on both. I will said so Lightroom "Develop" Module is really a good module for post photo processing. For the rest of the module, Aperture is more flexible and more easy to use. For storage in database, Aperture allow to structure and filing on your own ways, and allow to build up book (based on template given as well as your own customized template, I particular like the map feature).

Since both is different product, have their strengths in different way, I currently make use of them in two ways, if just want to perform post photography processing, go for Lightroom. If want to storage all the work, as well as presentment in different manner, such as book etc, I go for Aperture.

Let me post and share with me if you are using them in different way.

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