Travel photography - Toledo old town, Spain

Traveling is learning by keep the new things keep expose our mind. We keep looking for new things or object worth to shot and experience as a lifetime event.

Toledo old town, Spain shot from opposite high hill observation deck. Great Medieval old town feel.

The time capture the great shot and after the output, especially for those capture in the right timing shot, that kind of satisfaction is difficult to express to those who no did it before.

The recent 2013 May end till early of June trip that end few days back do fulfill my expectation in term of sightseeing as well as explore to new world I never experience before. It is not those thru movie or other people picture or book sharing that can be compare, that is the real 360 degree experiencing and interacting with the scene in the real time by being there.

I think take a picture to seize the scene or attempt to stop the scene or freezing it into photo is understood. We can later on review back the shot and all the travel memories is all come back.

Read before someone said about being the one collecting experience rather that things is the traveller.

I think I agree with the said, indeed travel is about journey experience that with you, every trip or journey, event count into the travel memories.

Photo have me as travel photographer inside the scene. Like the photo composition for being there.

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