Madrid, Spain

Main landmark display in lot of photography work, it is the fountain.

Madrid is great city, despite do not offer the wow as great as Barcelona, but still a city worth to visit. By nature it is inside the land and Barcelona as port city, both is different and provide different insight into Spain culture and local offering.

The lion sculpture for the main landmark of the fountain, close up look.

From the former palace to the Football stadium and the streets and various local attraction. 

Inside the square of the Palace (now museum). Sorry, inside no photo taken is allow.

The palace (now museum) collection despite not as many as Hermitage at St. Petersburg, Russia but do serve the historical importance and reserve the country heritage for the generation to come. No photography inside museum, when compare with hermitage that allow photography and full tour for the collection and buildings that need a week, it really a complicate contrast.

Shot from the stadium from the high position.

Visit various football stadium before, but the way they run it really eye opening. Beside standard feature history, records and factual information and exhibition. Off season can offer tourist to get the complete tour to understanding of how the stadium being use and operate, as well as selling various fans collections. 

Shot behind on the football team gift shop, which is the favor number or are you fans?

I am no a football fan, but from the way they present and marketing it, I can imagine those hard core fans will definitely bought something on the football stadium visit. The revenue generate is more than enough to fund the maintenance for the football stadium. Compare with country that build up the stadium for once to show off then no put it in full utilization, I like the way they run it.

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