In explore blog writer tool

traveljournal2Come across Microsoft free Windows Live Writer, since it offer Blogger and WordPress blogging, so give it a try run to see whether or not it fit my way of writing. Sometimes, may or may not be access to Internet or due to slow line, online blogging may not be ideal scenario, offline blogging and then sync or publish online seem like a good alternative for me.
Social networking get popular due to people like to get connected and share something with someone they know, for me I intent to access better blogging tool and make use like online diary for authoring purpose and express my thought. In fact, I am still hold positive on the value of real notebook, sketch book or pocket book, it is very personal things, for yourself and for record something you found important to you, that is why you make notes on it.

Like the two pictures, capture on the net showing sample of how others taken their travel journal, both is impressive. Really at the end of the life, what you left in the world is just those physical diary that can be memories in this lifetime.

[this is actually a old article in my draft folder, I just notice it, so I finish it and publish it]

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