I want to fly

"I want to fly" is the title I made for the photography.

It take early of the year from aircraft windows seat. Below is actually the scene just passing by Malaysia Johor Baru and enter Singapore. On the way from KLIA to Singapore and transit to Australia, Melbourne for the Australia trip.

The photo is export as 2048x, surprising well present in the full screen on large screen display. I am in transition from attempt to get more from less shot. Instead in shot for volume, slow down and base on the shot and define the frame and story behind each photography work.

The photography is actually I store in the album "transformation", since I am in transit and hope so transform my way for photography.

Since I am already eliminate all the blog sites and focus just for one site at the moment, so I can be more focus on expressing myself and my thoughts. Moving forward, I will make use of google+ more mainly due to it really organize photography much better and offer integrated solution from picasaweb - google+ - blogger and the rest.

I am now able to appreciate more and more from the scene, I think ultimately as the traveller what really important is experiencing those destination, time, space and event. Take nice photo is important, but it is just by product of great trip.

From the title " I want to fly" it make me have so much imagination possibility for the trip and travel. Very good title pick and right photo in mind to use for the theme. I Like it.

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