Guadi and Barcelona

Just in mind on Guadi and Barcelona, so I write on it. From my own experience, Guadi artwork and those remain beautiful building really make Barcelona unique. Visit to Barcelona if without his works really a miss.

One portion of Sergada Familia exterior, I shot in wide angle len

Like the above shot I take during visit Segrada Familia, even as unfinished work for the whole building, but saw in the finish copy and the master plan, it alone worth to revisit in the future time. Travel in western countries always will visit church, cathedral, basilica or shrines and noted on it as part of their western culture, and I am can said so I am quite familiar from inside from one country to the next. Whether the world largest, or unique exterior design across the region. This is the only one I feel impress after Vatican St. Peter Basilica where it set as the benchmark among. I still remember when visit St. Peter basilica wow me. After that for many years despite have other great building in different place, I appreciate their beauty, historical and world heritage values, but just can not wow me like Segrada Familia. It is really inspire in term of innovative design, if not use innovative, maybe creative will be appropriate one.

Segrada Familia surprise me in both exterior and interior for uniqueness. After visit and saw the rest of Guadi work, I can said just one word - Barcelona and Guadi. Off course Barcelona have more to offer than just Guadi work as big city. It is just one thought I have when pop up Guadi and Barcelona, so just blog it.

One portion of Sergada Familia interior, I shot in wide angel len

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