Pattaya Beach and Coral Island, Thailand Travel Snapshot

This few days in house keeping photo, come across few photos take during the trip to Pattaya Beach and Coral Island during stay at Thailand.

The sweet memories is came back. I think that is what photo is about, capture that particular moment in life.

Those photo is actually taken by point-and-shot, base on current DSLR, off course can be taken better, but I think photo taking whether with the simple photo camera like point and shot, to lens based DSLR, the basic need is the same to capture the moment. DSLR I have it now days, but no carry all the time, due to the size, so if you ask me, on the future, may smartphone camera will be really the ultimate choice, since it is always in your pocket.

Below is the sweet memories photo taken in 22 December 2012, three days before Christmas.

Pattaya Beach, Thailand [22 Dec 2012]
Family member photo taken during visit to Pattaya Beach, Thailand. Pattaya Beach, surround by lot of hotels and resorts, beach paradise.

Coral Island (Ko Larn), Pattaya, Thailand [22 Dec 2012]
Photo taken during the beach play with kid. Kid like the beach and water play, who didn't?
Me and kid photo taken during the Coral Island beach water play.

Coral Island (Ko Larn), Pattaya, Thailand [22 Dec 2012]
Photo taken while in the beach water play. Noted on the water color and happy face for the both.

The sweet and happy beach water play memories. Have the fun time.

Coral Island (Ko Larn), Pattaya, Thailand [22 Dec 2012]
After beach and water play, dress back to beach dressing. I am dress in green and sharp color look young?

All the family member wear back the beach dressing photo.

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