Japan Honshu Travel Map

Since Chinese New Year break at February 2013, it is time for the Cherry Blossom at Japan Honshu.

Below is our travel map for the Sakura season, we will traveling across Japan Honshu.

[caption id="attachment_993" align="aligncenter" width="606"] Travel Map created[/caption]

I am like this new plugin where allow me to create custom travel map on the fly. I am think any traveller will like to access to this kind of function. [9 April 2013 - only draw back is it can not cope with too many travel destination, if it allow divide trip by trip will be prefect]

Let me post some photo during the travel during then.

[9 April 2013 Below is the new implemented plugin solution, where provide interactive access to travel map location, only drawback is no arrow and direction.]
[easy2map id=1]

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