South Korea III Travel Map

The time is travel fast, just back from US and Canada East Coast at 2012.10, and it is time for the next travel experience approaching. This round will be on the South Korea III. Why III? because this is 3rd round to South Korea.

Why is the difference compare with the last is mainly on the Jeollannam-do province region focus. This round will travel extensive on the southern region and explore to the region for the various natural wonder and local highlights.

This round intent to do something different by publish another book focus on 3rd party perspective, that is why name it photography.

I think now day less and less people, unless those already habitual to do so, else most is engaged in the social media. And I will do it differently by continuous publish for the entire photography, since it is my new attempt, intent to learn how to finish off the publishing based on 3rd party perspective, as the photographer.

Hope you enjoy.

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