Fira town, Santorini Island, Greece

I have been long time without blog, and spend more time on photography. Recently I start to digital diary, and since I post to Picasa and have the blog icon, just click and write, I think that is important feature for people like us.

Back to the photo. The photo is take at 2011 June. I convert it into 16x9, as recently I like 16x9 kind of photo, it make the photo wide, the typical HD dimension. It fit well into Wide 16x9 or HD TV.

The place is beautiful, I think for those who really like travel around the world, will like the place, it open only at Summer, landscape is just unique, not to mention near by here got the world most beautiful sunset at Oia Village. With the sunset moment facing the village, I think every human kind will appreciate the beautiful of the sunset moment especially frame with the Oia village as the background. Saw it and will remember forever.

If I will revisit Greece again, most likely I will direct from the airport transit to Santorini island instead, maybe stay for a month, to enjoy the place. I still recall the Ozo wine take together with the kalamari...

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