Fira town, Santorini island, Greece


A photo taken during last year summer at Santorini. Take it at the high point and should back Fira town. Make the original photo 16x9 become the current photo, wide screen photo.

Recently, i like 16x9 photo, if possible, i want to publish and produce in that format, since it fit really wide for the human eyes. It make the picture show more and produce wide dimension to the picture.

I think for those who being there will agreed with me this is a special place, really a good place for the summer relax and island leisure.

Different people travel for different purpose and different expectation, by seeing more and journaling wide enough, will start to understanding that the world is really big, and offer so many different cultural insight and unique experience.

I am now switch to wordpress from ipad, so i can write more frequent run compare with previous.

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