Dayone Journaling


Technology keep changing, and so did it offer productivity gain along the way if you pick up the right technology and adapt into your practice. Being a journal lover for something. But to cope with the digital age demand, I look for the digital solution to replace hand write journal with trade off for the speed.

And the solution is the Dayone. Still recall first time use the app, just a screen for the journaling, and nothing else, boring. But after I use it with the bluetooth keyboard and the largest screen of ipad, it become something that hard to explain, speedy journaling and quick thought capturing, no to mention offer the photo / image as part of the articles.

I am even so happy to invest in its Mac version to have it sync any place, as long as I want to write, just type, and the app take care the rest.

It now become my primary solution for the journaling. While for the note taking, especially those need to re edit and use digital pen for sketch etc, i have other app for that purpose. Even so original I though of make use of awesome note as the total replacement for everything, but after consider the journaling, especially self journaling is great part of thing will do for life, i finally vote for dayone instead for the journaling purpose.

No get me wrong, awesome note continue be my organizer app, it done the rest.

For those who are look for explore digital journaling, i personally recommend it for you, at least it worth a try, remember to use with the wireless keyboard for speedy journaling.

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