Good reading on the Mandala organizer in practice (曼陀羅手帳一超活用術 一實例篇 )

On and off I finish a good book origin from Japanese book regard make use of Mandala method for the organizer practice. In chinese book name

Read the practice n years before (a Japanese book translation to Chinese version) and this book is provide lot of working example for how others is make use of it on their daily life. From those actual working example, make me understanding how can make use of it for my own.

Interesting of the method is that it share the Oriental culture and concept of scalability, from the 9 cell can expand to 81 cell (9x9) and from here can be further expand. It allow not just record or note taking, but also thinking and record down new ideas and insight during the note taking, since it allow to expand in 9 direction instead of common liner manner.

For those who read Chinese, this Taiwan book is recommend for you. It is one of the good note taking or I so called thinking and organizing method really useful.


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