Travel map China Zhongyuan + Xian Region

Recently I like to use Google Map, the best so far for marking the place being visited or some of the place can not recall well on the local name. So far, for less than a month from the last family winter trip to South Korea on December 2011, and it is time for the Chinese New Year (CNY) family trip together, and the destination I selected – China Zhongyuan and Xian Region. Finally, all the travel logistics is settled.


Some people I know always ask why China? it is simple, with the kid the travel can not go long distance destinations such as to Europe, Africa  or America, with transit it easy can take out 17 hours plus one way. Not to mention for Chinese New Year (CNY) holidays is for the most two weeks, and the kid need to continue school. We do not expect kid to take off days due to holidays and impact on kid education progress. It is well know fact that Asian people very focus on the child education.



Now days I and my wife travel is being routine, the rules for us to decide destination, it is always group of destinations cluster together, since it is most efficient and effective to cover wide region in depth or country in depth that matter, it save time as well, since it is so near to the rest of destinations, why take two or more trips to do it if time needed is affordable.


Have friend on certain country and different culture, they are employed and very committed on their work duties, when they found out a year we can schedule for 4 – 5 trips like this, they are very surprise. Actually, nothing so surprise, we are also normal street person like the rest, we have very same child hood, primary and high schools time, after college employed time, it is just the occupation I choose for the rest of my life time is slightly different – we taking the ultimate life responsibilities – be the enterprise owner and take charge accountability for the company well running and well managed to serve the clients and supplier partners, since so many employed is under the enterprise umbrella. We take our hard time too during the early setup and startup time, we make all the mistakes to learn the lesson for the enterprise management.


It is recently we more focus on big decisions and dedicate the operations and work routine to the operations management that make us have more time, since the procedures, policy and process as the company moving toward professional management.


For those who are exercise the similar capability will know that it is our decisions and the path we choose that determine the business, as we are more focus on living in the “future time” and have the operations management team to handle “current time” matters. We decide and make investment and resources allocation to ensure competitiveness for the enterprise on the future, as the current is handle by the operations management. We need more time to think, to see and explore the alternative of the life, how others is living their live and run their business on the different part of the world and try to learn and seize up the lesson and strategically modify and apply it to the current business we are run.

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