New year new lifestyle

By turning to 2012, beside physically get order, psychologically I feel moving to different age group. 38, a divide for me. In adjust for the new lifestyle, white hairs is with me for few years already, I am used to it. Belly bell is with me on and off and become something lasting with me since last year.

Since last year end have the motivate intent to start for long run, I am on hold it and with the turn to new year, I am put down all excuse and start for it from this morning.

I am original intent for the 5km run, but 1 km is my best base on the body condition, I am know I am need a period for the body to adjust and used for long run. Why long run, since it can be do alone in the early morning, and I am have the Nike long run shoe and purchase for the Nike+ iphone application, it can auto capture the long run record and help me keep it. Hope the new initiative will also help me to build up the physical energy strengths to counter aging as well as burn out some fast.

First time use the Nike+ in action, just hold it in hand, start the program and just run, it will remind and auto record and sync it. Now day technology really make life handy. I am can even create a coach program, set goal and just do it.

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