Great Sunday mornig

Morning wake up as usual, and already today is kid want to join to the park for the play, so have him to accompany me, just two street behind where I stay have the park.

Today I start to try out new feature from the Nike+ program call challenge me mode by time, it propose 21 minutes and I saw since it is sunday, can have more time, so set it to 30 minutes instead. Kid is with me for the initial time and then start feel boring by keeping run in the cycle and so he go to play other facilities instead. I am keep going, when the leg feel very pain and can not continue, I will pause the program and do some exercise to release the pain from the leg, and then resume.

From the book reading, learned that for beginner should train up the body and leg can cope with the long run distance first, so walk is priority follow with the run, usually it take about months to get used to it. So, the Nike+ coach program I selected for beginner guide is propose for the coming few weeks let 5 minutes walk then 1 minutes run and keep repeat to reach your own limit is make practical sense.

Review back the 4 round record (distance/time):
1.02km (7:21)
1.29km (13.45)
2.13km (19.51)
2.67km (30:13)

I keep self motivate to keep going, and it is easy to keep the record so by current technology.

After the walkout, I bring kid for early morning breakfast, and bought back Chinese noodle from other store as per wife want to eat. Have a short snap as family is watch for the television while we are want to dining out for the lunch. We take japanese cuisine, surprise it have special Chinese New Year month promotion menu, so beside routine sushi and noodle, I order local special yu sheng, a very symbolize local food use to celebrate a prosperity for the new year.

For western Jan 1 is the new year. For Chinese new year it is follow lunar calendar, it is approach on the coming 23 Jan, and every year will change due to lunar calendar will run faster than the current internal calendar.


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