A great time spent on own private bar counter

Tonight, purposely bought back tomato juice and other ingredient such as Spirit lemon, few bottle of white and red white, and have a self make Bloody Mary (cocktail), turn on the easy listen music and enjoy in the time spend inside. Burn the candle with the lavender smell, the entire environment is turn to very enjoyable bar counter time.

Compare with last round, it is quite sometime never has such as beautiful time. Music past from jazz to lovely song, the time is pass slow, and i take the time write down this article. I think something, spend some time for a drink that fit the mood, such as today, self made blood mary, the feel is great.

Wife and child is on the living room watch the video drama, and I take the time and enjoy on it. Really, city citizen like us, how many have really spend a hour or two to slow down and enjoy it?

Take the time to surf the Internet, and surprise to see so many variables on the Blood Mary cocktail. Since it contain alcohol, and for the self make version I put intensive more in term of the portion, so it let me fall in the right mood very fast.

At the time I write here, Kitaro's Matsuri is play in the background. The music is great and hear it multiple time in different environment, and I just realize it is good to hear in this type of private bar counter time as well. Since the cocktail contain high proportion of vodka, the feel is coming, I think for those who drink will know what I mean, music become so beautiful and guide the mood and have a good feel on it.

This "the world's most complex cocktail" actually is good. My version is simple and very raw and original recipe - "half tomato juice, half vodka and a bit of Sprit Lemon for taste". That is strong drink, compare with very modern version where add in Worcestershire sauce, Piri piri Sauce, Tabasco sauce, beef consomme or bouillon, horseradish, celery, olive, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and celery salt. It is a bit complicate to prepare and own private bar counter.
At the time write here, few song and music is over, the feel remain strong and time become very enjoyable. If you ask why people go for jazz or bar, they will be there for different reason, for me, I stay at home for the private bar with the lavender candle and easy listen music, it is for enjoy the time. Alcohol, wine and cocktail, music and smell candle that make us relax is all great invention.

Off course, over alcohol is no good and no advice, but in the light amount, and you can manage it in the right way of consume it in the right time, right place with right music, that is what a good enjoy time is all about.

As of today, I have make 11 run in continuous without stop, total 27.71km, 1712 calories is burn (as from the record). Even light today due to one of my leg is extreme painful, instead of give up have a rest one day, I choose to continue, if can not run, walk the same distance, I think for build up new habit, need that kind of discipline. So far so good, few days have rain, but it is light rain, I have yet to face the challenge of heavy rain, whether to continue the long on the same routine. Another challenge is if I am oversea, whether the routine should continue.

Today I am stock in few wine, whine and red whites. Since for the cocktail, I start to accumulate lot of different alcohol for pure drink or mix. Do not know whether or not it is due to age, I am comfortable for drinking, whether alone ice rock with whisky or brandy, red wine or cocktails. How to turn those time into quality time is become something I am try to keep with, find the right time, with music, or read a book.

How you spend your private time alone, let share on it.

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