Write before the winter and Chinese New Year family trip


Time is running fast, since September travel Scandinavia and Russia, it is time to do preparation for the December South Korea winter ski family trip and the January Chinese New Year family trip. Two notebooks have open for the usual note clips and journaling.

This year is special as we decide to spend this Winter and Spring holiday as the family trip with kid, so the key consideration is appropriate for the kid. Korea 2 (韩国2) trip is ok, since 8 years back being there with wife, mainly for the ski resort and thempark and travel within the popular destination from Jeju island (济洲島), Seoul city region (首尔区域), and the Seoraksan mountain region (雪岳山区域) etc. Actually no much needed to do preparation, since it is the place being there, so the journal will use for the up to date news and travel material clips.

Spring Zhongyuan trip (中原区域), in China region, the ancient called Zhongyuan areas, cover xian and the rest of city and region. Expect to see Shaolinxi (Shaolin temple) etc during the trip, it set the context for the planned silkroad trip (丝绸之路). Being a while no travel to China since the last trip Shenzhen (深圳) (part of the trip extend from the Hong Kong trip with kid on 2009.12).

start to journaling direct from the iphone with the help of the wireless bluetooth keyboard, away from the windows laptop or mac osx laptop. With the less control on the layout and graphical touchup, but can write in the timing I want to write.

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