Video recording, editing and post video production

IMG_1282 In the process of doing video editing start from Russia Moscow. It is very long process, need to import video clips, filter out what need and insert photo, sort them into the right sequence and section, apply heading and background music to produce the lively video. The process is same like film making, except we do without script, storyboard, markup and expensive video shooting equipment and post production facility.


But the joy also in the process, you can go back to the time, and enjoy the moment you capture, and it help you recall more than the photo can , it surrounding, sound, events, motion and dynamic context.


With the help of the iphoto, imovie, actually the consumer grade work is more than enough. Really want to said how easy the right technology make life easier.


Something i thinking what spend so much time for video recording, just use photo point and shot will do. But view back the output especially those post video production output, the extra work do paid off. This is why people willing to paid for going cinema for a movie due to audio visual impact and it will record in your mind.

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