Get organize with books

Today is public holiday, spend sometime to get organized books acquired on and off during the period whether from local or oversea bookstore or from online store. How you get organized when have a library that occupied 1600 square feet of space across multi section divide based on the theme such as literature, travel, professional and so on?

Being a book readers for so many years, something that work for share. I will temporary store them in one section until they reach enough volume for me to print a a4 label sheet and then stick to books to make them easy to fit into overall bookshelf color code. Since it time consuming if just one or two book for labeling, so I process them in batch.

Then those books in color label will fit well into respective section. Once it hit certain size, it is time to throw out some of them to get value space.

This way work for me, but it is not for those intent to run it like business library with bar code. For me whole shelf of book since with different cover, it is a bit chaos if without impose standardize color label on them. My category is simple, just use labeling time yyyymmdd for start follow with tittle or keyword, then sort according automatically.

From time to time I will go to library to take out some book for reading, it make it easy for put them back easily.

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