Alan Tam live concert Malaysia 2011

Being a long time without attend single live concert. Tonight will go one, date by my wife. I am attend to same single event couple years ago. If memory recall right is during the time have yet marry.

The evergreen Hong Kong Canto-pop singer Alan Tam is set to performance to entertain his audience on this "move your hearts" themed concert stage at Putra indoor stadium, 19th November 2011 at 8pm. Alan Tam is good at Cantonese song.

From the age of digital music, really a challenge for single to secure their revenue. Open a live concert is definitely one of the mean.

People in our age is have different expectation, mainly for the young time share memory recall. Since we are still mainly thru listen to appreciate a song, concert for live performance is more a mean for show support and tap or recall a piece of good memory.

Just back from the concert after pick kid with his mother in law. Pop song and singer concert is different than other cultural, musical or classics kind of live performance. The reason to be there mainly due to really grow or once upon a time do grow up with his song.

I think Alan Tam now got 60 plus but still every year 25. He did very experience on handle live environment and performance. Like the way distribute light stick for audience, where you can change to either become blue or red light stick to create interaction with the stage. One part of the concert is about sing few song based on poll result previous collect what kind of song your like to hear, and the very last part after end call let audience to choose either song one or song two from each round of song play. All the above actually make a better involvement for audience. Really a night worth to spend time with. For the Hong Kong pop star he is really represent 80s for most of the people on the share memory.



Video clip during the concert all turn blue light stick (audience involvement)

Video clip during the concert all turn red light stick (audience involvement)

Video clip for one of my favor song "flower in the water 水中花". Like the screen saver behind the stage, the video wall.

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