A long family outgoing Sunday

Today have a long Sunday family outgoing.


Even have a late sleep yesterday. This morning we go for the book fair hold at The Mines. Actually now days want to buy book no need to really go for book fair since it is crowed and alternative online book store and bookshop that carry wide range of book is available. The main reason to attend book fair is to show kid when school holidays come is time to buy some book for the holidays and get the feel of book fair. I bought some short novel collection author by Haruki Marakami. Then have a lunch at The Mines shopping mall for Japan cuisine. During shopping notice of Nike new season barefoot shoe. Bought for the family. Only got my kid and my size. So we continue the trip to KLCC to bought it for wife and have dinner. We continue to shop on the book store, this is one of my favor since it really carry very wide and depth in the line of book I like.


Back and continue for the TVB special live program (recorded) and play to have the family time to end the day.


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