Scandinavia Europe travel photo book 3

The book focus on the remain and the largest city on the Scandinavia Europe – Copenhagen and nearby region out of the city of Denmark. The book is publish on the facebook at the following links, please feel free to comment:

The Scandinavia journey continue from Bergen, Norway. Flight from this second largest city to Copenhagen (CPH) take about hour plus (if by ship or coach bus will take easily 8 hours or more). I start to prefer flight since it is ready make the long distance travel within the reach, unless you are intent to have the train, cruise or coach along the way have beautiful scene.

Someone have ask me before, traveling in such the long journey in the shortest time, it is not feasible for the backpack, agreed. We are not the full time traveller 365 a year can commit for the ongoing traveling or work-part time-via-traveling. Time is more importance for people like us, since we need to resume the routine business or work load after the trip. So, need to spend time upfront to digest what are you looking for said on the particular region or country, or specific theme, then you can plan to accomplish most out of the time available, usually the holidays or vacation leave for most of the employed people.

Traveling time is very unique and special time we allocate for the said journey in return for the specific or unique travel experience. It can not be gain via the internet, book or tv, you need to really be there to see, touch, eat, walk and feel.

I would said so, CPH is the largest city on the region, challenge and follow by the Stockholm, Sweden. Little Mermaid is in this city. Old place and “Hamlet” castle is out of the city within reach. For those who experience before US Disneyland, then the Tivoli Garden will be really give you another kind of experience.

In the night after saw the live show and performance in the Tivoli, a business contact who stay here is share with me and tour me on the Christiania area – the experience is really like him mention – totally unique on this “free town”. But since it is not appropriate to take photo, we are walking in and feel on it, then have the café time for the chat only. 

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