Write in Santorini, Greece

We take jet ferry from Mykonos port to Santorini new port, it take 2.45 hours for move us point to point.

Santorini is unique for who came here mainly due to it unique landscape. One side with volcano view and one side island view.

Once reach the main town Fira, can see the all building in slope together, whether south or north Fira view. Night view is great also due to township and lighting effect. Here is the place for one very famous blue dome, white church. You need to found it, since here just too many similar architecture building around. We stay the town for two night.

During the Santorini time beside Fira has most of the time for shooing, drinks and restaurants, Kamari beach famous for black sands beach, Pyros where can have entire island bird view and off course the place claim to have the world most beautiful sunset in Oia.

At end of Santorini trip, we take air flight to Athens and stay one more night for last minutes shopping before departure.








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