Write in Meteora, Greece

Morning call at 6am. 7am breakfast, 8am hotel amalia check out.

We from Kalambaka to Kastraki, to reach Meteora world heritage site. It is stone mountain area, for "hanging over sky mountain monastery". Here got 24 but only 6 open for public visit.

No need like ancient time to climb rock to visit each monastery now day, since got stair steps for easy access, you just need to "climb" stair steps up and down according to mountain shape to reach the top, some is accessible via sky bridge only.

We walk and stop, shot various monastery and visit inside two monastery for inside living, church and wall painting. One trinity monastery sexual get my attention, it seem like only access by sky bridge from another mountain. We lunch here and the move back to Athens (two stop for 6 hours car distance, faster due to using highway, since Delphi already visited).

Upon arrival, we take dinner and back to hotel. I continue my reading and writing. Tomorrow will be start the Greek Islands travel journey.







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