Write in Bangkok transit to Athens, Greece [写在曼谷转机到希腊-雅典]

June 1, 2011. It is time, summer and Mykonos and Santorini island is open. And kid in school holiday, so me and wife on the travel journey after four months back Hokkaido Japan travel.

Overall preparation is complete, lot of book being read, note being taken. I am in the state for explore.

Greece journey suppose to take place last year but at Eastern Europe six countries instead at last year September trip. For that as a remarkable trip as well, so this year from the few destination, intent to complete the trip. At that time, the mind set and expectation still surround with the Greek Islands, especially the blue dome white church at the Santorini island, it was so famous and well now in the world. The claim for the world most beautiful sunset etc etc.

From my personal travel notebook or from the books being read, I am and my wife is really ready for the trip. When I take back the last year notebook, all the note being make help me to refresh my memory, and I can keep going to fill in the travel journal. I know it is the generation for electronic writing, but the personal touch and writing, it was so personal touch that I can not forgo them. I think for generation like me or more senior, will understand what I really mean. Me in the generation of transition, from paper to digital, can see anywhere all the people is using iPad or iPad2 right to replace the personal writing or note taking. I still maintain the habit for keep writing for journal or notebook making, since it is best way for growth myself, not to mention it can be write anywhere you like, as long as you have paper/book and pen in hand. I think one of the reason is because I like to draw, sketch as well, this is why blank page serve me better. I still can recall saw those legendary notebook or sketch book like from Da Vi Ci, or Michelangelo it was so excite, since it is full of personal touch and writing in all pages within the notebooks. I think, notebook still serve the function for jot down something at this moment digital or electronic can be be provide, except share information in the light of speed.

The day we are from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia flight to Bangkok, since the flight to Greece is Thai Air. I and my wife have long without using Thai Airline, since the last recall is to South Korea. One thing for sure, it is 24x7 operate airport, since the shop and market keep open, from those who flight from KLIA will know what I want to said, it stop at 12 midnight for all the shop. I run business, so always see thing from the business point of view or perspective. Airport as the business, the key objective is to “pull” as much flight to stop into the airport as possible, since it is that bring in the revenue or volume of passenger, so you can sustain the shop inside the airport. I always want to compare with the various airports and see how they operate under different country and management manner, some is not even upgrade to modern time and still remain as the old airport, but from me, as the stop point what are you really care as the passenger? for me, I am personally more care on have some shop to be open for shopping around or take your eating or drinking during the time wait for the flight or transit. Or better stead, a proper or comfortable place for seat or take a sleep or rest instead. Since take too many Middle East or Islamic airlines for regional transit, I almost forgot Airline do serve so many alcohol drinks over the flight, white and red white, beer and various spirit, that also something difference.

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