Write in Athens, Greece [写在希腊-雅典]

June 2, 2011. Today first day experience with Greece. First stop Athens. Half day summary.

We visited World heritage site famous Acropolis over the hill and have the site walk. Very impressive Parthenon and nearby building and integrated architecture for the ancient time.
Follow with nearby site Acropolis museum (a very modern design museum, like the bottom glass can see the ancient ruin, and at the top of the building exhibit how the original pieces all assembly and work together, without the exhibition and all the illustration in place with the video, based on just the imagination at the actual hill site will no be that impressive at all – since it is ruin.

We lunch at Plaka for local Greece cuisine, here is the tourist place for foods and drinks, and they are open to very night, good place for having a great night view over the Acropolis as well. After that we visit Syntagma Square, Parliament building, National garden, 1st Olympia stadium, Temple of Zeus, Athens Academy and University to name a few. Actually all the important sites all is build and surround the Acropolis (“Hill City”).

Afternoon we went back to city center with wife with the taxi cab and encounter city strike, do not know what they strike for (tv and movie see a lot, now see it live, can't explain the experience since it happen just in front of me, 5 meter away and the crown just pass by me). The first reaction is very scare since we do not know what they impact will be. Due to the city strike and road block, we are taking a taxi cab after the city walk back to the hotel.

The extra time spend on the Acropolis Museum is really very useful, worth the extra effort to be there, even so inside prohibit for the photo and video taken, but what being see is in my memory already. For those visit Acropolis site, we are recommend direct come to here to get the feel of the original pieces and access to exhibitions and additional insight offer from here. The video keep replay at the 3rd floor is a very good visual and video guide on the Acropolis and Parthenon, do not miss it.

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