Fira, Santorini – the landmark church of Santorini

Day 3 in Santorini.

First thing we have in mind is to walk the Fira town again for the landmark church with a blue dome seen from the various posters.

Since we woke up very early, while at Fira town, I saw the local bring a lot of horses or donkeys where we believe it will move to a tourist spot for business.

We have long walks spread across the entire Fira town and nearby town, spot for any look like church we have missed on day 2.

Typical Santorini landmark building. Shoot on morning street walks.
This is a very close match, but not the one we look for, so we keep searching. We are wandering into Fira town streets and taking some photos. At this time, it is hard to have any tourists, since it is just too early. We found peace, relaxation and calm at that time.

Bells on the top of the building saw during the street walk.

One of the look back angle photos taken for my wife.

Since the main point and shoot camera are out of service when landing to Santorini on day one, our main photo camera is actually my iphone 4 camera. The photo quality surprised me.

Red wall saw during street walk.

The universal landmark when visiting Santorini. Blue Dome white church that saw in various posters.
Finally we found the church, while on the way back to Fira (after walking too far). When we saw a photographer set up a tripod to take a shot, we moved closer and saw the church at the lower part, that is why we could not see it from the high hill, since it is blocked from the sight.

Another photo taken for the mission accomplished photo on the landmark.

Some said why so brother to search it, can just see from the poster or postcard. For us, it is just a matter for traveller passion, we want to see it from our own eyes. That is why we keep traveling.

An unique landscape captured while at the high hill position and shooting back Fira town.

... then we go back to the hotel for breakfast and have a rest. We have a really long walk in the early morning.

Enjoy lunch with Fira town landscape as background.
Close to lunch time, we have lunch by walking back to Fira town and enjoying the food with the beautiful background scene.

Enjoy the Fira town landscape by taking lunch on the high hill.
Another photo taken during lunch time.

After that, we go back to the hotel and wait for the hotel check out, and go to the airport and fly back to Athens (should arrive there and have our dinner time there).

Last checked 2020-May-3

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