Greece, Main land, Athens and Greek Island– part II (in Chinese 希腊大陆,雅典与希腊岛屿)

Dear friend, for those who know me personally, will realize that I like to travel to Europe for the holiday on the yearly basis, at least one of the 4 trips for the holiday will be on Europe. Since last year postpone the trip due to the summer Greece trip can not match with the original schedule, I and my wife went to Eastern and Central Europe instead (due to conflict with the  kid school holiday) – and that is the trip of not regret too due to being at the Prague and Budapest. That is my 3th year in a row for the Europe visit) – where revisit Vienna and Salzburg (of Austria 2nd time), then cover Graz, and Slovenia see the beautiful Bled, Ljubligana (the capital), Postojna caves, and then go to Czech Republic for the Cesky Krumlov, Prague (the city that wow me), Ceske Budejovice, Brno, Olomouc (of the Czech Republic), to the Poland (ancient city Krakow and the Wielickza salt mine) then Hungary capital city Budapest. See all the wonder of the Europe again, but still feel missing something, the original destination – Greece Athens, and the Greek islands, especially the Santorini and the Mykonos. By heart what else can you wow me after see the ancient Pyramids and the Abu Simbel, except the modern Vatican St. Peter Church at the Vatican and the Italy Florence (the David Statute) and Venice (Gondola and the song during the tunnel cruise) and the Chinese Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

The great news is that this summer I and my wife will realize this long waiting trip. After since the first year Europe trip for the six country (France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and UK), and the second trip (Italy, Vatican and the Austria), already have the thinking of how about to complete the Europe  trip with the Athens and the Greek islands, especially those global popular destination that open only on the summer – Santorini and Mykonos. Mediterranean Sea, blue sky and the white building, I think it is one of the life time destination, why not.

On 30th April, 2011 I and my wife book the travel and firm on this summer to have the Greece and the Greek Islands in depth here to explore and experience the Greek cultural heritage. Being to the Egypt and Italy, the next stop should be Greece to complete my life learning journey.

I like travel, especially oversea travel, mainly to get a period of time away from the current working environment to experience and see how other way of life can be – then sync back the new thinking into daily life, that is something can not learn from the book or used to be working environment.

The trip will be cover main destination Athens for the world heritage off course the Parthenon heritage and the city of the Athens (雅典 in Chinese), Mykonos and Santorini, Meteora and Delphi.

Read too much, would like to see, touch and feel by my own eye, body and experiencing the place for the Ancient Greece Philosophy, mythology and off course the unique and highly expect Greek Island – especially the Mykonos and the Santorini. I and my wife want to see and experience why this is the best place to see the world most best place to see the for the sunset.

One of the main reason I chose here instead of Spain & Portugal is here that it can be go during the upcoming Chinese New Year when I and my wife can have 2 weeks time for that, but for the summer only open island if I do not choose here will be go to Northern Europe five country (include Russia).

As usually, my travel notebook is ready to prepare for this trip. I have revisit back all the travel literature and make sure can get most of it. Thinking back, I think the Japanese author that I recently fall in love will have the impact for me to  choose this destination as well, want to see by my own eye how he is see on Greece and the Greek Island compare with my view, that is the life long learning as well.

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  1. Hi Vincent,
    Nice to know that you love the travel. Actually, my wife and I also love travelling. Do you normally follow tour group or on your own?. Maybe we can travel together one of this day.
    Simon Chew

  2. Hi Chew,

    Nice to know you like traveling as well. It all depend, if you said for the traveling that need to cover multi cities or destination or multi countries, we usually travel with tour group since it settle all the traveling needs (some tour will have additional days / free time stay in the major city). If for a single city or surround the city nearby, then prefer travel by our own.

    Share with me if you have good travel destinations and upcoming destinations, let travel together then, why not?