Reading Note on Katsuma Kazuyo’s 勝間和 代『効率が10倍アップする新?知的 生産術―自分をグーグル化する方法』 (中文译名≪效率提升10 倍的google化知性 生产技巧≫


Katsuma Kazuyo (勝間 和代) a Japanese businesswoman and author (born December 14, 1968 in Tokyo, Japan) of several best selling books, with sales numbers in the tens of millions. A business author who is getting attention due to extensive works on the subject of self management, work-life balance, gender equality, how women can become more successful, optimzing workflow and increasing productivity. As the Master of Finance graduate, she work as analyst for several international consulting companies and banks like McKinsey and JPMorgan Chanse.


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This is the first book I read and it is regard Knowledge Worker Productivity Skill. Before I read I thought it is another success ‘me too’ kind of book, but after start to read the book, I change my mind. It is a good book on the subject matter, and no wonder she is so popular currently. A person who bought and digest 50 books a months, really have personal experience to share.

The book is divide into 6 main chapters cover the IT automation and productivity tools, time management, how to weight a book whether worth to read it or not, healthy habits, networking tips, how to perform knowledge work from input, output and value add it in very easy to read manner.


Actually the book content is nothing new, but it is just like the Steve Covey legendary The 7th habits summarize and frame working the wisdom literature into easy to digest and simple to follow 7 principles, and here into 6 chapters on the knowledge worker skillset. Each chapter contain 6 ideas. For the reading for few hours to review back the 36 ideas or tips the authors shared and sorted into the structure and organize topic, the time is actually worth it, if follow the author time investment perspective.


I like the idea of rapid reading, and focus on get what you wants, that is the secret and no wonder she can consistently digest 50 books reading in the monthly basis. Her way of business thinking is very similar to another author and business mentor I like Ohmae Kenichi (大前研一), maybe due to both of them are ex McKinsey. Just read thru her own experience sharing within the book in the few hours reading is worth it, not to mention it come with the 36 tips or best practices.


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