Paradise exist in the world - Bled, Slovenia

What is your definition of the paradise? For me it is the place we can have peace, and the life speed in slower that the metropolitan life. If you have see how the work life for Japanese and Hong Kong working people rush for the MRT (train) for working during working hours , that is what I mean.

Being there (Bled, Slovenia) during the East and Central Europe travel. I like the way Slovenia government develop this place. Here got a island in the lake, and a church in the island. Surround the lake have a castle in the mountain nearby. Far behind the mountain is snow mountain scene. And here got the special boat similar to Italy Venice Gondola. I can imagine for those marry that is really romance when take a boat and get marry in the church.

Here got the simple shopping and living facilities, and lot of outdoor facilities, such as swimming, boat, camping, golfing, fishing, horseback-riding and lot of hotels and resorts. This is the great place for get relax, or more appropriately for recreation.

I think if got time can stay for a months, the is really a special experience. I think every country got place like that, it is a matter whether we explore those place or not. Some people is just too busy and can not stop their work to enjoy the life. For me, traveling is the important activities yearly for me to think and sync the travel exposure into own life. Those new exposure and new ways of living being see and feel is a great learning.

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