News - Panasonic will layoff 40,000 workers globally


Read a news by Thomas Ricker (source click here), where he mention “No matter how you slice it, 40,000 is a big number, especially when its forty-thousand humans looking for jobs. The layoffs represent a 10 percent reduction of Panasonic's 380,000 global workforce due to restructuring efforts… mainly impact employees outside of japan”.


Panasonic, I still prefer to called Matsushita ("松下"). It once the largest Japanese electronics producer. How many people recall "National" brand or used it before?


Founded by the legendary Konosuke Matsushita (松下 幸之助) in 1918 - 1989 (grow in the small bicycle shop family who passionate about bicycles and cycling) who produced bicycle lamp and marketed it and slowly operated factories and producing electrical components and appliances and expand it to become international businesses.


Matsushita is well know in Japan, actually Asian countries as "the god of management".

Here got one seminar article summary his leadership in English can give you better understanding legendary Konosuke Matsushita (


I like his way to vision of the company, what the company should be 250 or even 500 years hence, and his daily leadership and management practice.


From his formal school education up to primary 4 (if my memory recall right), he is actually good at learning on the life, be humble and leverage other people to get things done, remarkable person when see his achievement in the life and really reserve full respect.

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