Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 [村上春树]

Key scene illustration (advertisement) feature Aomame (青豆), Tengo (天吾) and two moon.

Have finish off the three book reading of Haruki Murakami's latest book 1Q84. A story happen in the world where have 2 moon, like Matrix world feel.

Initial reading is very hard, due to the book is dedicate odd and even chapter like two story, and then in the final book joint together as the single. The book is very fantastical in approach, few scene still in mind, the opening for the assassin, the ghost writing, and the cocoon making, two moon, "little people" and the world of "1Q84".

I take the opportunity for the recent release of the third - final book of the novel, and bought them all, and digest them together, off course in the Chinese translation version. The book since have the collector hard cover version, I bought it.

Come across a magazine is shooting ads to introduce the novel, and for me (and for those who read the entire book) will found it capture key scene and set the right mood for the book.

A story about  Aomame (青豆), Tengo (天吾) and Fukaeri (ふかえり or 深田绘里子).  For those who like Haruki Murakami work, recommend it. But be patient to read three book volume, it is long novel.

The cocoon making by the little people.
Aomame (青豆) attempt to shot herself, as one of the key moment in the novel.

Tengo (天吾) and Fukaeri (ふかえり or 深田绘里子) have a special sex scene in the book.

Aomame (青豆) special assassin scene by body massage before kill off the target. 
2018-Oct-20 I notice for the missing link for the photo due to change host and image left over, so update all the images back. At the same time, make the following addition content.

A static novel visualization work by one of China Men magazine clip saw from youtube and compile here for easy watch for those who interest on it.

An impressive novel reading note taking saw from internet by one of the Japanese reader.

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